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Aguaje Pills and Powders – Your Curvy Solution?

AguajeIf you have been interested in getting a bigger butt or a curvier figure for sometime now, you may be aware of the super fruit known as Aguaje.

Commonly nicknamed as the “curvy fruit”,¬† it is a dietary staple for the woman of the amazon regions of Peru.

However, due to the recent popularity, Aguaje is something women around the world are taking in the hopes of getting a curvier figure — the natural way.

What is Aguaje

Aguaje is a palm tree that grows out of the damp regions of Southern America. It is also known as Mauritia flexuosa, ite palm, ita, canagucho (Colombia) and moriche palm.

How Does Aguaje Work

Aguaje is an extrodinary fruit containing 7-12 times more beta-carotene (vitamin A) than carrots. Along with that it also contains high amounts of vitamin C and E.

But probably what Aguaje is most famous for is its high amounts of phytoestrogens. These are essentially natures “natural estrogen”, which are contained in abundance within this super fruit.

Phytoestrogens through the consumption of phytoestrogenic plants will mimic the effects of your bodies own estrogen.

Now there is a connection between higher estrogen levels and more fat around the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Similarly woman with too little body fat can be suffering from low estrogen.

Typically woman with higher levels tend to have a more fertile and curvy figure, especially in the hips, buttocks, and thigh regions. So if your body is not producing enough estrogen on its own, you can manually increase it naturally through your diet — and thats where the aguaje logic for curvacious growth comes in.


  • Used by women trying to get a bigger butt, thighs, hips, etc
  • Used to increase estrogen in the body
  • Used as a hormone support for women suffering the ill effects of menopause.
  • Used in skin creams to provide moisture and calm wrinkles
  • Used by natives to its cultivated region for treating burns, scars, and generally soothing skin issues
  • Provide essential fatty acids for general health purposes as well as supporting the production of collagen to help with skin elasticity and firmness
  • Contains vitamin c which aids in immune system support and collagen production
  • Controlling hot flashes

Pills vs Powder

As with any supplement around, there is typically no difference between pills or powder. Aguaje pills are essentially just aguaje powder encapsulated in something that dissolves easily, like rice powder gelatin.

They are typically more expensive because of their convenience factor. Where as with powder you typically get more actual product for your dollar. So unless the convenience factor of pills are a must for you, I would almost always choose powder for the cost benefits.


The claimed “Amazonian super fruit”, hailed as the fruit of fertility by the local Amazonians, doesnt appear to have any concrete evidence to support that supplementation will ensure a bigger booty.

However, on both sides of the fence there are women claiming both fantastic results and little results from consuming aguaje.

Like with any product you want to try, we will always recommend you first ensure you have the proper foundations laid down before worrying about such add-ons.

A great booty building fitness program and a diet geared for growing success is an absolute must and should always take priority.

Once those things are in effect, we can say that Aguaja pills or powder are worth a shot if you are looking for a little something more.

Like with almost any supplement out there though; don’t get your hopes up too high or you may fall victim to disappointment.

maca root for curves

Maca Root for Curves and a Bigger Butt – Dud or Stud?

maca root for curvesWoman across the globe are trying to enhance their curves and get a more shapely figure. Among many, what lies within their butt building arsenal is a wonder supplement known as maca root powder.

Said to pick up the slack where genetics have failed you, by plumping up both your hips and butt — but does it actually work? Let’s find out.

About Maca

Maca is a plant that grows in central Peru, and has been used for over 3000 years. It is a super-food that offers tons of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.

It can be used for energy purposes, similar to coffee as it contains a hefty amount of B-vitamins, which are known for their energizing properties.

Maca root has many possible positive effects for things like anemia, menopause, memory, fertility, depression, cancers, immunity, and sex hormones in both male and females.

It has also been noted to work with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which are linked to proper regulation of the adrenal, pancreas, thyroid, ovarian, and other sexual hormones.

Maca root powder for bigger booty and hips

maca root powderYour body composition and your booty are primarily dictated by your genetic makeup. Such as things like diet, hormones, bone structure, and muscle.

Now while maca root powder cant directly effect things like diet, bone structure, muscle, or your overall genetics — it can help with hormones.

Maca root in the case of hormone regulation works as an adaptogen. Which basically means that rather than inserting “x” amount of a certain hormone in your body, it will actually tailor its effects to your specific hormonal needs.

Therefore it essentially goes into your body and evaluates what hormones need raising and which need lowering. It then in attempts to balance them and bring the hormones into a more functional state for optimal health.

In our case it helps to regulate the hormone estrogen. Which among many things has been linked to body composition and fat depositing — specifically in the buttocks regions.

If your estrogen levels are not ideal, it can potentially help normalize them and provide more balance.

Now will the effect on your estrogen cause your butt to grow bigger? Not necessarily, lets see.

Verdict: Will maca give you a bigger butt?

If you are abnormally deficient in estrogen, then it may be an important part of balancing your hormone among many instructed by your doctor. For the average woman out there just trying to get a bigger booty — probably not.

If you have read some of my other stuff you will know I’m not a huge advocate of supplements, simply because magical formulas and powders don’t exist.

But does that mean you shouldn’t bother because it will never give you results?

No. Assuming you have the important things in check like your butt building program and proper diet and nutrition; you are in a position to capitalize the most off such supplements as maca. Apart from that it also has a plethora of other positive health effects.

Assuming you have everything else in check and want to give maca a whirl — I say go for it. Its fairly inexpensive, cant hurt, and may directly or indirectly provide some booty benefits.

Just don’t rely on it too much and you’ll be fine.

Fish Oil and Vitamin E for Buttocks Growth

Fish Oil and Vitamin E for Buttocks Growth

Fish Oil and Vitamin E for Buttocks GrowthSo I’ve seen various talks about this on the internet; most noticeably forum discussions, youtube, and social media platforms.

There is an idea floating around where you can buy fish oil pills and vitamin e pills or cream, and then rub them onto your butt to make it grow.

The question is does it actually work? Well, lets find out.

The process begins with you poking holes into some fish oil pills, along with vitamin e pills and applying a generous amount to your buttocks.

You then grab some seran wrap and completely cover all applied areas of your butt (cheeks) with it. You do this to ensure it does not leak onto your clothes, and so it can also be absorbed properly.

You will then proceed about your daily activities, or sit down on a chair for about 30 minutes. Some people tend to go longer, assuming that it may yield better results.

And some people will even sit on a heating pad with the goal of it causing the pours of the buttocks to open up and absorb more of the solution.

Now before I even knew about this whole process, I could already infer the logic behind it. But before I go into that, lets look briefly at what each of the active ingredients behind these pills actually do for our bodies and our booties.


Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin. It is a powerful anti-oxidant often found in skin care products and applied to aid in things like wrinkles, scars, cuticles, and brown spots via its anti-free radical properties.

However, the benefits of it actually having a significant effect on such things has proven rather inconclusive.

The human body itself doesn’t produce it on its own, so it is essential that you get it through eating the right foods. Thankfully eating some of the foods we recommend in our foods for a bigger butt list will provide you with ample amounts of vitamin E.

For example an ounce of almonds will give you 40% of your daily value of vitamin E.


Fish Oil:

Fish oil has seen pretty big popularity in the health scene over the last decade. Fish oil contains both EPA & DHA forms of the healthy fatty acid known as Omega 3. Since omega 3 is an essential fatty acid; it therefore cannot be produced by the human body.

Omega 3 has been though to prevent and aid in many diseases, injuries, and issues within the body. It is typically recommended as a daily essential for these reasons.

Such benefits have included, improved memory, cognitive function, cardiovascular health, reducing inflammation, anti-aging, improved fat burning and many many more.

Now that you know a little about both of these ingredients, lets now discuss if they actually help you get a bigger butt.


Mixing the Two Together for Butt Growth

There is not a lot of hard logic on why these two products should be mixed together for buttocks growth. However the common reasoning is that fish oil is liquid fat, and vitamin E has been assumed to have many skin benefiting properties with collagen and elasticity.

Applied topically it is assumed that the fat from vitamin e will be absorbed into the butt and cause the buttocks to grow plumper and fatter. While the vitamin e will help with firmness and smoothness.

The result will equal a bigger, tighter, and smoother buttocks. Sounds pretty good to me, right?

The problem is that it simply does not work that way. You can’t spot treat areas of your body by rubbing liquid fat on yourself.

If this spot treating logic were true, then individuals all over would be using it for various parts of their bodies they want to “plump up”. Such as sunken cheeks, bony ribs, collar bones — even boob jobs would become a thing of the past after long term vigorous use.

And even if you could, fish oil pills contain such an insignificant amount of calories per pill (10) that its not enough for your body to store excess fat.

butt growth

But wait, there are tons of people on the internet claiming it has worked for getting them a bigger butt.

Well, there are a lot of reasons why this may be.

One may be nothing more than an illusion in their minds. They want their butt to grow so much, then they find a “solution” so they start to convince themselves it actually works.

For people who actually measure, well, they may be simply improperly measuring. The difference of a few points of an inch can often times change between measurements depending on body positioning.

Furthermore like lots of other parts of the body, I can assume that a butt may be bigger or smaller given the time of day. Things like current environmental temperature, sodium intake, hormones, excess water retention, hydration levels, or even if you have been sitting or standing for a prolonged time may cause fluctuations in size.

The final and most likely reason as to why people are noticing there butt is bigger after the oil and vitamin regiment, is because it may have actually grown. The problem is, it wasn’t from the solution.

Majority of women I have seen using this method have also been eating better and exercising thoroughly with squats, lunges, etc.

They seem to think that buttocks growth from exercise simply can’t occur that quickly, so they start to praise the oil and vitamin concoction instead.

When in fact seeing some immediate growth in as little as a few workouts is entirely possible and likely with a great booty building program.


It makes very little sense why this would ever work. You would be much better off consuming the fish oil and vitamin E pills orally as they were intended.

Apart from that the whole process is a hassle. Even the women who think they are getting results tend to quit because of the inconvenience and smelly aroma of distilled fish on your skin.

All in all for a bigger butt we recommend you focus on your exercise and nutrition first and foremost and leave this one on the back burner.