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my bikini butt

My Bikini Butt – Your Booty Building Program

my bikini buttIn this article I am going to be going over a program that you can use to start building a bigger butt today — and from the comfort of your home.

If you have read some of my other posts you will have seen how I debunk and pretty much slag off some of the “quick fix” solutions that simply do not work.

Well, things are a bit different this time…

What The 95% of People Are Doing Wrong

There is tons of misconceptions floating around when it comes to growing a bigger booty. Most noticeably people fall into three camps:

  1. The quick fix types who spend money on pills, powders, and magic beans, that simply do not work.
  2. The people who follow the magazines and their “5 butt blasting workouts” type articles — which typically leads to lack of results and stagnation.
  3. The people who advocate purely weight training (the better of the three but still not correct).

The Problem

Now while proper weighted training is one of the keys for a bigger booty (especially down the road as you get more advanced) — it is only part of the equation.  To truly get the best results you must (especially in the beginning) incorporate lots of lower load and higher repetition exercises; by use of body weight and resistance bands

These lower load and higher repetition gluteal exercises can provide fantastic booty shaping results for the newcomer (and can be a lot of fun :P), while still providing purpose for even the more advanced butt blasting fitness buffs.

Getting a bit more technical, the majority of a woman’s gluteal muscle fibres (the ones we want to grow) tend to be type I. And research has shown that higher repetition-lower load exercises yield the most activation of the type I fibres.

And the my bikini butt system just so happens to be a perfect choice for activating those type I butt shaping fibres.


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