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saggy butt

Saggy Butt – Ultimate Lifting Guide

saggy buttSo you want to get rid of your saggy butt and replace it with a perky and round bubble butt?

You’ve checked around the internet and probably seen a severe lack of quality advice on the matter.

The absolute worst is the people who advocate using solely butt pills, creams, or other wild concoctions as a means to get rid of your saggy problems.

Look, I have no issues with you dabbling with that stuff after you’ve got the real stuff in check — that actually works. But if you think anything that you can consume, or topically apply is going to transform your butt from saggy to perky; then you’re in for some disappointment.

However, even on the sites that advocate the correct things, like nutrition and proper exercises, you will still run into some problems.

Typically you will come across people praising either cardio, heavy squats, or body weight exercises for your glutes.

The problem with this advice is that it’s not the ideal way to go about ridding yourself of a saggy behind, and some of it might even be a complete waste of your time.


The Common Butt Building Issues

First lets talk about the cardio method. A common misconception that many women have is that you need to do excessive cardio to essentially “chisel” your saggy bottom away.

The huge problem with this approach is that you are currently severely lacking muscle mass in the gluteal region; and cardio does little to build any up. And after you burn away all that fat, you will still still be left with a saggy butt, except now it will be much flatter and void of any shape that the fat might have been providing.

The problem with heavy squats is while they can work great, they are still a quad dominant movement. This is not to say that you shouldn’t do them, or that they cannot yield amazing glute building results, because they certainly can.

However, different body types respond differently to different movements. For some they can work amazing for the buttocks. While for others they might not get those muscles fully firing due to the quadriceps overpowering during the movement.


So what is the ultimate saggy solution then?

Well, the answer to your saggy problems is to mix your power building movements like the squat, the deadlift, and the lunge, with an array of targeted butt building exercises that essentially attack the buttocks from every angle.

By following this approach you can maximize the activation and growth of the gluteus muscles and go from saggy to bubble butt a whole lot faster and more efficiently.

So lets figure out exactly how we can do this.


Booty Basics

We need to first demonstrate proficiency in the basic exercise movements that will help to transform our saggy bums and build up our butt. Such as the squat, lunge, etc; which will be done using only our bodyweight until we have mastered them and can safely and efficiently attempt them

We need to allow our bodies to start to adjust to the work load to avoid initial strain.

We need to learn how to perform the movement correctly and with good form. This helps to ensure the intended muscles are firing and working correctly, as well as reducing the chance of injury.

The fact is that bodyweight exercises are great, and if that was solely all you did, you could still achieve a fantastic butt. Mixing in weighted exercises is just to add some diversity, as well as speed along the process and set the bar of success even higher.

Below is saggy butt solution program ranging in phases:


Phase 1: Bodyweight

  1. Squat
  2. Static Lunge
  3. Single Leg RDL’s Standing w/ Reach
  4. Glute Bridges (Elevated or On Floor)
  5. Donkey Kicks
  6. Side Lying Clams


Phase 2: Stepping It Up

saggy bum exercise

By phase 2 you should have a good feel for the basic exercises of phase 1. You should have correct form on all the exercises thus far, and are looking for something a little more challenging. We need to be stepping up the game when it starts to stagnate, in order too keep progressing.

Now I know there are a lot of people that like a wide variety of exercises, with examples, diagrams, specific routines, etc, to keep them interested and provide structure. So if you are interested, then this is a perfect time for the bikini butt program, as it can be incorporated from this point on and used on its own, or alongside this program.

  1. Deeper Squats or Sumo
  2. Walking Lunge
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridges
  4. Seated Band Hip Abductions
  5. Band Donkey Kicks
  6. Planks


Phase 3: Advanced

firm butt

In phase 3 you can either continue using bodyweight exercises which is even more challenging this time; along with some band work. Or you can skip it and go right to weighted exercises.

a. Bodyweight

  1. Deeper, Sumo, Pause, Single Leg, or Band Squat
  2. Elevated Single Leg Lunges
  3. Single Leg Hip Thrust
  4. Standing Abduction w/ Band
  5. Plank w/ Donkey Kicks or Hip Extension, Single Leg, Superman, or Spiderman Plank

b. Weighted

  1. Barbell Deep Squats, Sumo, DB Bulgarian
  2. Regular, Trap Bar, Romanian, or Sumo Deadlift, Goodmornings, Weighted Single Leg Reverse Hyper Extensions,
  3. Weighted BB Hip Thrusts or Weighted Glute Bridges
  4. Band Abduction (seated, standing, etc)
  5. Band Hip Rotation
  6. Plank Variation



Sets & Repetitions:

  • On your bigger movements like the squat, deadlift, lunges, you want to do between 6-15 repetitions; 3 sets for each exercise. On your hip thrusts, band work, abductions, aim for between 10-25 reps; 2-3 sets for each exercise.

Workout Frequency:

  • I would train your lower body/glutes 2-4x per week. However, most people may want to train upper body as well, so something like a upper/lower, upper/lower split (2 upper, 2 lower) would suffice.


  • If you want less emphasis on the upper body you could do something like, lower, upper, lower (2 lower, 1 upper). If you’re using the bikini butt program you could even divide your 2-4 weekly lower body workouts with heavy/lighter days. Where the heavy day(s) could be the weighted workouts, and the lighter day(s) could be the bikini butt program. That would work absolutely awesome as well, as now you’re hitting everything sufficiently.



Just remember that getting rid of a saggy bottom and getting a great booty does not lie in a bottle of pills or some new magical cream. Exercising, both properly and efficiently — by hitting the butt from every angle with a combination of compound weighted exercise and body weight lower load exercises is what truly works.

Couple that alongside a proper diet to fuel your results and you will be getting rid of that saggy butt, and replacing it with a sculpted bubble butt in no time.

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